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Education should not be constrained by the definitional criteria often found in our school systems or academia. Education is an all-encompassing process driven by our deep urge for communicating, growing, and being an active member of our communities. It is a social practice by nature. We are all involved in it, either as teachers or learners, as through education we humanize ourselves.  

Apart from my work as instructor and researcher, I also run workshops on methods and research in the Social Sciences directed toward young scholars of color, activists, grassroots organizers, and economically disadvantaged populations. The goal of these workshops is to share fundamental practical and technical skills, as a way to improve communication and coordination of care and accountability in our societies.

In this section, you will find the links to the content and materials used as part of the workshops. They are always in the making and, as they are designed to fulfill the demands and needs of the participants, they are not open to the general public. If you are interested in organizing or hosting a workshop, please send me a note.

Past workshops:

28/25/2018. Diplomado Gobernabilidad, Gerencia Política y Gestión Pública. Universidad ICESI (Cali, Colombia)

05/12/2017. DATA4PEACE [co-organizer]. Universidad de los Andes. (Bogotá, Colombia)

04/07/2017. Innovations for Peace and Development (IPD). The University of Texas at Austin (Austin, Texas)

02/30/2015. Taller formación Discursos Artísticos Emergentes. Casa Fractal. (Cali, Colombia)